WCS-023: Jacki Donaldson shows how to build a powerful community by sharing from the heart

Jacki DonaldsonJacki Donaldson inspires, educates, and connects with her community by sharing vulnerably and authentically. She offers tools and insights for blogging, outreach, and community building that will allow you to share your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

About Jacki Donaldson:

Breast cancer survivor Jacki Donaldson is a writer and editor whose career kicked off in 2005 when she launched her breast cancer blog at cancerspot.org, which has provided inspiration, humor, and a sense of community to thousands of women. Jacki’s writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Family Circle, Bliss Tree and Health Central, among other publications.

Personal mantra:

“Trust your journey.” ~quote from a breast-cancer themed bracelet

Jacki’s anti-quote or what not to say to cancer patients: “It could always be worse.” Of course it could be worse, but I only know my own experience and I can only measure it against my own experience. It is more comforting to validate their feelings.

One of her greatest challenges:

Most difficult thing to share about was her children because it made her realize that they may grow up without her.

Personal practice that keeps her going on the tough days:

Keep motoring on, routine, exercise and seeking the support of her community.

When she knows the work she is doing is making a difference:

Jacki shares a touching moment when a student approached her after a lecture.

Practical advice:

Use a very simple name or title for your organization that will turn up when people search rather than something more creative. Do your work for good will rather than for fame or fortune.

Best strategies for funding:

There is a lot you can do for free. She also used creative techniques with powerful symbolism in fund-raising.

Tools or technology:

WordPress for free blog hosting.

Feedjit – a free live traffic feed that tells her who is visiting her blog and when.

Recommended books and films:

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan

Lift by Kelly Corrigan

Glitter and Glue: A Memoir by Kelly Corrigan

Nomination for upcoming World Changer Sessions guest:

Kelly Corrigan because she is just superb. I don’t know her personally but I would love to hear her answers to these questions.”

How to get in touch:

Website: cancerspot.org