WCS-007: Kathryn Hall-Trujillo is improving birth outcomes around the world

Kathryn Hall-TrujilloKathryn Hall-Trujillo helps improve the birth outcomes of vulnerable populations. Join us as she shares the value getting a mentor and even more importantly the value of BEING a mentor.

About Kathryn Hall Trujillo:

Kathryn is the Founding Director of Birthing Project USA: The Underground Railroad for New Life.  The mission of this international organization is to improve birth outcomes for women of color by providing education, support and access to care and services to at risk women and families.

Kathryn has over thirty years of experience as a public health administrator, community health educator and advocate in the public and private sectors. Her experience in understanding, translating and bridging policy, administration, services delivery and client cultures have earned her national and international recognition. The Birthing Project model has been replicated in almost 100 communities in the US, Canada, Central America and Africa.


The Universal Flag is a symbol that transcends borders, economics, race, and religion to acknowledge the interconnection of all life. Come join this diverse community from around the world.

Personal Mantra:

Though I cry through the night, joy comes in the morning.

~Kathryn’s mother

When she almost gave up:

Hear Kathryn describe how she overcame prejudice as an African American woman and the challenge of starting over again.

When she knows the work she is doing is making a difference:

Owing to her 30 years of experience, Kathryn has been able to witness a child she helped birth grow up to have her own child under vastly improved circumstances.

Practical Advice:

It’s really important to have a mentor and to have a mentee; to have someone who you look up to and that as soon as you learn something, there’s someone who you pass that information on to.

Personal Practice That Keeps her Going on the Tough Days

She remembers that she’s really not in control which helps her surrender to the process.

Tools or Technology:

Skype helps her network with people all over the world.

Recommended books:

Brains on Fire by Robbin Phillips

Nomination for Upcoming World Changer Sessions Guest:

Zubaida Bai with ayzh

Laura White with Changemaker Schools network

How to get in touch with Kathryn:

Website: BirthingProjectUSA.org

Email: birthingproject@gmail.com