About the World Changer Sessions

If you dream of a bright future for humanity and our planet, you are in the right place! The world is changing, we think for the better, and we live on the cusp of something beautiful. We set up the World Changer Sessions to connect with the people who making this change happen, to give you inspiration, helpful resources, and community connections.

Our podcast and blog feature interviews with the most forward-thinking, big-hearted, conscious individuals who are pioneering positive developments in technology, society, food production, education, and more. Listen in for behind-the-scenes access into what the journeys have been like for these incredible World Changers, and learn what advice they wish they gotten, how they make it through the tough days, and what tools help them to continue making a difference for others.

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In the face of so many impending changes, we have a great opportunity to create a beautiful future. Yes, there are challenges and we’re not naïve enough to believe that it will be easy. But we know that we can make a difference, that each of us can be a World Changer. Let’s listen to each other, share stories, and build a better world together.

How we got started

My fiancée, Lexi and I first met at a gathering to celebrate the winter solstice, the day each year with the longest night marking the transition when the light begins to return. Each person at the celebration was invited to share an intention for themselves and also for the world. Since then, it’s been something of an ongoing theme in our relationship, to set our intentions on evolving ourselves and the world.

Early in 2014, we had begun exploring the possibility of launching a podcast with Brian McClure, founder of Universal Flag Peach Movement. He gave us our first boost of support and helped to inspire what is now called the World Changer Sessions, and specifically inspired the creation of our final interview question where the show guest is asked to nominate a future guest.

We developed the rest of the questions from an ongoing discussion that Lexi and I have had over the years where we share stories and inquiries about magnificent World Changers we’ve been following in the media, on Facebook, and in our community. We asked ourselves what we would like to ask these people we admire, and came up with a list of interview questions from that.

One of my favorite questions to ask World Changers is “What inspires you and gets you through the tough days”? And without fail they share a great tool or habit that they turn to. My hope is that this podcast will become yet another one of those tools that world changers can turn to for inspiration and insights. That’s why we are committed to releasing a new session every week.

So please join us for each session, share it with you friends, and connect with us.

Best wishes,

Mark Sullivan and Lexi Soulios