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WCS-023: Jacki Donaldson shows how to build a powerful community by sharing from the heart

Jacki DonaldsonJacki Donaldson inspires, educates, and connects with her community by sharing vulnerably and authentically. She offers tools and insights for blogging, outreach, and community building that will allow you to share your story in a powerful and meaningful way.

About Jacki Donaldson:

Breast cancer survivor Jacki Donaldson is a writer and editor whose career kicked off in 2005 when she launched her breast cancer blog at cancerspot.org, which has provided inspiration, humor, and a sense of community to thousands of women. Jacki’s writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Family Circle, Bliss Tree and Health Central, among other publications.

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WCS-014: Tina Atherall creates communities around veterans and military families

Tina AtherallTina Atherall offers a wealth of practical advice and insights for non-profits, social workers, and social entrepreneurs gleaned from her work with veterans and military families.

About Tina Atherall:

Tina Atherall is the Executive Vice President for Hope For The Warriors and a Licensed Masters Social Worker.  As a military spouse, Tina has spent her career supporting military families.  She has guided Hope For The Warriors through development of programs and organizational growth since it was founded in 2006.  Tina is instrumental in policy work, program development, advocacy and education for the needs of veterans and military families.

Tina Atherall was nominated by Nancy Carbone in World Changer Session #6.

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WCS-009: Ashley Shuyler is transforming education for girls in east African villages

Ashley Shuyler

Ashley Shuyler demonstrates how little-by-little small actions can make big changes happen. She shares how support for education is transforming the lives of girls and entire communities in east Africa.

About Ashley Shuyler:

Ashley is the founder of AfricAid, a nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities. Since its inception in 2001, AfricAid has supported thousands of Tanzanian students in their educational and professional goals. In 2010, Ashley launched the Kisa Project, AfricAid’s flagship initiative that supports girls’ scholarships and leadership training in Africa to prepare the next generation of leaders.

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