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WCS-015: Pardeep Kaleka overcomes racism and violence through community service

pardeepJoin us to hear how Pardeep responded to tragedy with service and empathy to end the cycle of violence and racism. He offers practical advice on community building and fundraising.

About Pardeep Kaleka:

Pardeep Kaleka is the eldest son of Satwant Singh Kaleka – the president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, who was gunned down on August 5th, 2012 by a white supremacist in the worst race-based attack since the civil rights era. As a former police officer and a current teacher in the inner city of Milwaukee, Pardeep is no stranger to the never-ending battle against racism, bigotry, violence, hatred, and ignorance. His firm belief is that the lamp of knowledge and truth will outshine all the darkness in the world, and he does his best to embody this through his work with the organization he founded: Serve 2 Unite.

Pardeep was nominated by Arno Michaelis during World Changer Session #4.

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WCS-010: Cheryl Charles intends to Leave No Child Inside

Cheryl CharlesCheryl Charles explains why it is so important for children to explore the outdoors. She shares her practical advice for building community and more.

About Cheryl Charles:

Dr. Cheryl Charles is an innovator, entrepreneur, educator, and author with a life-long commitment to the importance of getting children into the outdoors—for their health, success and happiness. Cheryl is Co-Founder, President and CEO Emerita of the Children and Nature Network (C&NN). Her organization has inspired campaigns throughout the world to “Leave No Child Inside”. Cheryl served during a 17-year period as founding National Director of what remain the two most widely used environment education programs in North America for K-12 educators receiving numerous awards for her leadership. In addition, Cheryl is Co-Founder and Principal of Hawksong Associates, a consulting firm specializing in leadership, organizational development and diffusion of innovation.

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WCS-009: Ashley Shuyler is transforming education for girls in east African villages

Ashley Shuyler

Ashley Shuyler demonstrates how little-by-little small actions can make big changes happen. She shares how support for education is transforming the lives of girls and entire communities in east Africa.

About Ashley Shuyler:

Ashley is the founder of AfricAid, a nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide young women with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities. Since its inception in 2001, AfricAid has supported thousands of Tanzanian students in their educational and professional goals. In 2010, Ashley launched the Kisa Project, AfricAid’s flagship initiative that supports girls’ scholarships and leadership training in Africa to prepare the next generation of leaders.

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